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We give plans a life of their own

About us

We began as a small family company importing high-quality Swiss taps.

Our motto is: 

“Ingenuity and professionalism” can make any idea become reality.


We are still a family company, but thanks to 27 years of experience we gradually became a medium-sized mechanical engineering company with several thousand  customers. 

We still believe in the same values – passion for mechanical engineering, absolutely precise work and 100 per cent quality. 


For those who want to make anything, who won’t stop because of any obstacle. We offer custom-made solutions turned on the lathe.

We are constantly improving the level and inventiveness of Czech mechanical engineering.



a) Tools

First-class implements from world suppliers and of our own production.

Our trusted partners:


b) Machines

We supply our customers with machines from the best world producers.
Our trusted partners:


c) Technologies

We will custom make, assemble, debug and put into operation the most suitable and profitable technology.

Processing of the complete technology:

I. selecting of a suitable machine and accessories
II. selecting of suitable cutting tools
III. selecting of suitable work holding
IV. processing of the programme and its debug


d) Maintenance

We do not only install our products and put them into operation, but also provide warranty and post warranty service.

Other services:

I. measuring of the  geometry of machines
II. routine check ups
III. training


Contact us

In case of inquiry or comment don´t hesitate to contact us by email.



  • TGS nástroje-stroje-technologické služby s.r.o.
  • Plzeňská 610, 338 05 Mýto
  • IČO: 64833500
  • DIČ: CZ64833500
  • tel.: +420 371 751 830
  • email: tgs@tgs.cz

About us

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